Amber (natashcha) wrote in chip0tle_wh0res,

I am really excited about there being chipotle communities. So, yes, this has been cross posted.

My first trist with chipotle was about two, maybe three, years ago. A friend of mine said,"Let's go to chipotle..." I had never been, and preferred panera bread which was next door because I was familiar. I said,"What is this.. this.. Chipotle you speak of?" She said,"Really good tacos!" I gave in.

I had three soft shell chicken tacos that day, full to the brim but not overly impressed. Fast foward to this time last year, a bunch of us had a huge break inbetween our classes everyday and someone suggested Chipotle, I agreed and purchased a burrito. A burrito that changed my liiiiiiiiiiife. Good god I'd never had a burrito so good. I now SHUN taco bell, don pablos and taco johns and all that dare touch the burrito-y goodness chipotle has to offer.

I am an addict. I made my boyfriend acquire the softshell steak taco taste because I refused to eat anywhere else. My burrito is rice, chicken, NO bean dear god no beans, mild salsa, sour cream, lotsa cheese [they get stingy without the proper phrasing..] and lettuce.

And on Friday night I got a free burrito for answering a trivia question and I sang/danced/praised it for over an hour. I love the smoked chipotle tobasco sauce, my dad has a bottle sitting in our fridge courtesy of a chipotle in Cali. And I drink a Mr. Pibb/Dr. Pepper with mine. My friend Dave lives half a block from a chipotle and I am jealous of him. Extremely.

However today in my Chipotle burrito I discovered an onslaught of green peppers I never noticed before, and am still unhappy about it. I guess I will have to switch to the green medium salsa. For shame.

But I still love you, Chipotle.

And thanks for these communities. :]
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