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I miss Chipotle

Okay, so I used to live in Colorado where they had Chipotles everywhere. Now I live in a state that doesn't have ONE... SINGLE... Chipotle... Arkansas. It's quite horrible. I have friends in Texas who continually remind me that they can still go eat Chipotle whenever they want to, but I have to wait until I go home at Christmas to get any Chipotle. I swear I'm going to buy like 10 burritos before I fly back out here and that way I'll have Chipotle for... at least 5 days... I MISS CHIPOTLE!!!!
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Yay for Colorado and its Chipotles!
That's definately what I'll be thinking to myself as I fly into Colorado over the holidays. I miss Chipotle......
I feel the same way as you.

I'm also from Colorado but I attend school in Rochester, NY where the nearest Chipotles is in NYC, a 8 hour drive.
Yeah, the closest Chipotle to me is in Dallas and that's a 5 hour drive. I would drive that far for Chipotle... if I had a car... or a friend willing to drive to Dallas just so I could get some Chipotle... I have neither...